XILS-lab Syn-X 2 v2.5.1 Crack Syn’X 2 is a Synthesizer inspired by the synthesis section of a classic Italian Synthesizer from the 1980s, as well as complex hardware analog monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12. Like its father, one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizers, it delivers a startling combination of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modeled analog filters, and a piece of Synthesis history, including the renowned BBD Chorus.


You may utilize up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes, and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 available destinations to create your own patches since it’s multitimbral. XILS-lab Syn-X 2 v2.5.1 Crack It’s a Polytimbral Synthesizer with a multi-layer card-based design inspired by sophisticated gear from the 1980s (monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12).

XILS-lab Syn-X 2 v2.5.1 Activation Number, like its grandfather, is one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizers, and a piece of Synthesis history that delivers a remarkable blend of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modeled analog filters. When 300 Factory Library Presets aren’t enough, you may employ up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes, and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 available destinations to create your own patches.

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XILS-LAB Syn’X Overview:

Syn’X  XILS-Lab Registration Key Download is a virtual instrument inspired by a famous and legendary vintage analog polyphonic synthesizer from the 1980s. The emulation provides two oscillators that are capable of generating multiple waveforms and a single, self-oscillating multimode filter.

Four envelopes provide the standard attack, decay, sustain, and release points, along with a MIDI-synced delay step. Two standard polyphonic LFOs can modulate the oscillator pitch and width, the filter frequency, and the amplifier level, and can also be used as a source in the modulation matrix.

Frequency can be synced to the host application tempo, and modulation can also be reset from the keyboard with free running and fade-in functions available. Chaos is a special LFO that calculates in 2D space the movement of a point with each of the two axes modulating any of the 132 available destinations.

The Rhythm LFO is used for rhythmic effects with five modulations available, with each one assignable to any of the destinations. The instrument offers two MIDI keyboards suitable for split and layered instruments, and a special Guitar mode.

Key Features:

  • Waveforms with cumulative waveforms are used in oscillators (Up to 40 per patch)
  • Unique LFOs with cumulative waveforms in a new 0df PWM/Hard Sync Algorithm (Up to 50 per patch)
  • Modulation Matrixes and additional D-ADSR envelopes (Per Layer)
  • Guitar Multitimbral mode, Unison, 2 Arpeggiators, 2 Keyboard Zones
  • There are many monophonic and polyphonic play modes to choose from.
  • PolySequencer is a program that allows you to create a sequence of (Also acting as a modulation source)
  • With our Smart Load Technology, it’s simple to make sounds.
  • Chorus, Phaser, Delay, and Analog EQ are all vintage-sounding effects. Stereophile Technology
  • Also included is a dual programming environment with two separate editing styles (Easy and Advanced)

What’s New:

  • Two oscillators with four selectable waveforms – triangle, saw, square, and pulse with their dedicated PWM and Ring modulator modes.
  • Additional triangle and sawtooth PWM modes.
  • Multiple waveforms can be selected simultaneously for each of the oscillators
  • Multimode filter based on the CEM 3320 chip emulation uses a proprietary zero-delay algorithm and provides self-oscillating 12 and 24 dB low-pass, 6 and 12 dB band-pass, and 12 dB high-pass modes
  • Four D-ADSR enhanced standard envelopes with a MIDI sync cable delay.
  • Effects include delay, chorus, phaser, and dual EQs
  • Multitrack sequencer.
  • Four LFO types
  • Chaos LFO is based on fully calculated chaotic functions
  • Rhythm LFO uses rhythm as its main source
  • Includes “Moog-like” mono modes
  • Guitar, circular, and random polyphonic modes
  • Multi-layer and poly timbral mode
  • Eight independent layers – each layer can have its own set of oscillators, filters, envelopes, glide, and LFOs, with independent settings
  • Dual keyboards, each with an independent arpeggiator and MIDI settings management

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 are supported.
  • Pentium IV or higher processor.
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • 200 MB or more of free hard disc space.

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