Mirillis Action Crack is a strong software for Windows PC users that lets them record their screens and games. This program has advanced features that make it easy to record and share high-quality live streams, video tutorials, and gameplay footage. One great thing about Mirillis Action is how simple it is to use.

Users can start recording their screen with just a few clicks, add live commentary or webcam footage, and change the look of their movies with different editing tools. The software also supports GPU acceleration, which lets you record high-quality video without putting too much stress on your computer’s hardware.

Mirillis Action is a great choice for gamers, people who make content, and anyone else who needs to record or share their computer screen. One of the best screen recording programs on the market today, it has an easy-to-use design, lots of powerful features, and good output quality.

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One more great thing about Mirillis Action is that it can stream. The software lets users live stream to famous sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, and it lets them make their streams look more professional by giving them customization options. You can make web videos with this program, though.

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The key that turns Action on and off There are other things you can do with Mirillis, like record your screen or game player. There’s no surprise that Mirillis Action! It’s one of the best places to sign up for games on the market.
It’s one of the best screen recorders because it has so many cool features. Get AMCap Crack Free Download. These are some of the best parts of this. You can record your screen or your own words while the video is playing if you have a microphone. You can choose to record some or all of the screen. For our site, I’m writing about tech goods.

Mirillis Action Latest Version People from all over the world ask us to look at their goods a lot, so I write about them. No matter what kind of game you play—FPS, RPG, or platformer—Mirillis Action Crack! is the best way to record it in HD.

Mirillis Action 4 Key Features 

    1: Very good recording

Mirillis Action can record high-quality video at high frame rates and up to 8K resolution, so the video will play back smoothly and clearly.

    2: You can watch live

The software lets you live stream to popular sites like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, and it lets you change things about your show, like adding your own logos and overlays.

    3: Recording with time shift

With time-shift recording, you can keep recording your game and save a certain amount of footage from the past. This function is great for capturing a moment of brilliance that you didn’t see coming.

    4: Speeding up with GPUs

When you record or stream, Mirillis Action uses hardware acceleration to get the best speed while using as few CPU and GPU resources as possible.

    5: Recording sound

You can get sound from your microphone, your computer’s sound system, and video games with this program.

    6: Recording options that can be changed

You can change the recording settings in Mirillis Action, like the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate, so that the video quality and speed are best for your system.

    7: Recording on multiple screens

The software lets you record from more than one screen at the same time, which is called “multi-screen recording.”

    8: Recording in time-lapse

With time-lapse recording, you can record long stretches of gameplay and then cut them down into a shorter, easier-to-watch movie.

     9: Support for chroma keys

You can use the Chroma key with Mirillis Action to change the background of your webcam footage from black to any picture or video you want.

     10:  Tools for editing

There is an editor built into the software that lets you trim, cut, and combine video clips, add audio and text overlays, and give your recordings visual effects.

    11: Record your screen with the app you choose.

Windows desktop screens can now be captured invisibly with this new tool! Cover up the rest of your PC screen and record only the app you want to show.

   12: Record games in HD. How to measure game success.

Mirillis Action Latest Version Download

Screen and gameplay recording and GPU are used to make real-time HD gaming capture smoother than ever. Display the current and average FPS while you play games and save the test data.

  13: Nice picture of the screen!

Action! changes how well games and desktop recording tools work. The best real-time HD video capture performance comes from Mirillis’ proprietary video codec (FICV), which is very fast, multicore optimized, and highly tuned. You can use NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP, or Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration to record your screen to MP4.

  14: Stream games and PC tasks to well-known services!

Hurry up! You can share your videos, games, and desktop actions live on Twitch.tv, YouTube, Smashcast (hitbox), Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Aliez, and more! Hurry up! It’s fun and easy to live stream with screen recording.

  15: Time-Shift will make sure you never miss a game.

One shortcut key saves your best moves right away! Time-shift recording keeps the excitement in video games going strong!

  16: Great 4K games and video on the screen!

Action! Screen recorder can record in 2K, 3K, and 4K on a single monitor (AVI and MP4), and it can record in 8K on AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision sets.  You can also download Debut Video Capture Crack.

  17: Intel® RealSenseTM technology, and record games with the background taken care of automatically.

When you record your screen, Intel® RealSenseTM technology gets rid of the camera background! You can add cameras, and install Action! screen recording.

  18: You can post movies on your Windows desktop or games on YouTubeTM or Facebook.

Videos of your screen can be shared on Facebook and YouTubeTM. Action! has export profiles already set up for YouTubeTM and Facebook, which makes sharing screen or game recordings easier.

  19: It’s easy to make lessons and record your Windows desktop or screen in HD!

Hurry up! changes how well and how easily you can use real-time screen recording programs. You can make great demos by making smooth HD videos of your Windows desktop and apps with a high frame rate. You can also add voice comments.

  20: Record your Windows screen and games all the time!

Hurry up! You can record videos while switching between the Windows desktop and full-screen games with active screen capture. There is one movie that can record both your Windows desktop and games. Action! is a great way to record your PC screen!

  21: Record your screen and games for famous devices!

With just one click, you can export screen recordings to FacebookTM, YouTubeTM, and several other forms or devices that you already have an account for. Intel® Quick Sync, NVIDIA® NVENC, and AMD APP Video stream video-accelerated by hardware.

  22: Webcams can be used to record games or screens

Do something! Webcam shots may be included in real-time games and desktop records! Share more than just a computer screen or game video! Do something! Choose your webcam and set its position and size to record!

  23: Beautiful HD screen and MP4 game video that works faster with hardware!

With NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP, or Intel® Quick Sync Video, Action! screen recording speeds up the conversion of FullHD 60p video to MP4 (H.264/AVC). Record your PC screen, Windows desktop, or games to MP4 for smooth, small videos.

Action for free! controls the screen or records the game! Action for free! The RCU app for Android! With RCU!, Android phones can keep an eye on Action! games and screen records. Hurry up! RCU lets you record screens, check FPS, and more. Try it now!

  24: Great for making game records in slow-motion

Show stunning videos of games and your desktop! Action makes slow motion smooth and good! With 120 fps, recording games on your screen is more fun and interesting.

  25: The Logitech G13, G15, and G19 multifunction keyboards work with PRO Action!

Logitech G13, G15, and G19 multimedia keyboard users will love this screen recording. The LCD screen on the Action! and Logitech keyboard can show FPS, average FPS, recording time, extra storage space, and more when you play games or record your screen. Everything is shown in a clean UI.

  26: Easy video screen recording over the internet.

Real-time video recording on the website and app. You can record movies from a window, a program, or the whole screen with Action! screen recorder. Action! can record movies from any online player, no matter where they come from!

 27: Picture of Windows and games

Action! Screen recording can take many screenshots of games or your desktop. By pressing a button, you can save a picture to your hard drive without stopping what you’re doing.

 28: Record the game and the screen while live audio plays.

Action! records live audio comments or desktop recordings to help teach and walkthrough games. You have full control over the input volume and system sound mixing in the microphone settings.

  29: Quickly record your screen.

Action! screen recorder plays AVI and MP4 recordings of your screen and games very smoothly. If you double-click on the screen or the action thumbnail, Action! will play again.

  30: Record the meeting!

Action! is more than just screencasting. Record everything that sounds like a PC. You can record noise, music, and game sounds. Just use a microphone to make a podcast. Action! shrinks M4A music that is encoded in real time.

Mirillis Action Full Version Download

What’s New?

  • The user interface has been improved and rearranged, and it looks great now.
  • The RTMP servers have been changed to work better with Smashcast and Twitch.
  • The translations are better now than they were before.
  • Today, it can now connect to three sound sources.
  • The quality of AVI files has gotten better over time.
  • The ability to edit webcam footage has been made better.

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System Need

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more
Software NameMirillis Action
Size107 MB
OS64Bit (x64) 32Bit (x86)

Technical Details

How to Cack?

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