Luminar AI 1.5.3 (10043) Crack is Here [2023] Download

Luminar AI 1.5.3 Crack is the company’s first AI-based photo editing program. With Luminar AI, producing captivating photos is simple. The intricacy of image editing is removed by Luminar AI, which transforms it into a pleasant game. Without the use of masks or layers, you may produce a fantastic atmosphere. You may even enhance your images with realistic atmospheric effects like drizzle, fog, mist, haze, and steam. You may enhance the clarity and depth of your photographs without overdoing them.

Luminar AI 1.5.3 (10043) Crack Latest Version Download 2023

Being an AI-based tool, it can distinguish things like people, objects, and water. To cut down on the amount of time needed to edit images, AI-based photo editing software was developed. On its official website, you may preorder Luminar AI. Both programs allow you to alter images, but Skylum created Luminar AI with the goal of making it simple and enjoyable for you to share your visual stories. you also download Sublime Text Crack

Luminar AI 1.5.3 Crack With Keygen [2023] Latest Version:

is an AI-based program that will expertly improve the color tone of your photos. The best plugin and color correction software for Photoshop and Lightroom is called Luminar AI. Photo editors can alter their images professionally without having any specialized knowledge thanks to AI-based capabilities. Enhance photo color tone, color correction, automatic white balance, one-click editing, one-click raw processing, and other capabilities are available in Luminar AI.

Luminar AI 1.5.3 (10043) Crack With Mac Free Download 2023

The purpose of creating an AI-based Photo editing software is to reduce the time consumption in editing photos. You can get Luminar AI on preorder from its official website.


Luminar AI 1.5.3 Crack With License Key Free Download 2023

Luminar AI 2023 Key Features:

The following are some of the primary characteristics of Luminar AI 1.5.3:

First: The Ideal Crop

  • With Composition AI, you can get the Perfect Crop from any viewpoint because the intelligence built into Luminar AI blends the qualities of a skilled photographer with compositional best practices.

Second: AI Magic

  • In Luminar AI, artificial intelligence handles selections, layering, and masking for you, much like in conventional photo editors. With AI Magic, you can quickly add magical finishing touches to portraits. AI’s magic is applicable to all things, including faces, bodies, and people of all ages and hues. Following are a few of the AI Magics that Luminar AI offers:

AI Skin:

  • You can assist in organically reducing blemishes with Luminar’s Skin AI.

Ai Bokeh:

  • You can naturally blur the background to draw attention to the focal point of the image.

AI Iris:

  • You may add and edit eye details to your images with Luminar AI.

Face AI

  • With Luminar AI, you may enhance and improve your lips, teeth, and much more. Even the unsightly dark circles can be removed.

AI Body:

  • You may adjust body weights using Luminar AI to suit your needs and create gorgeous, lifelike images.

AI Accent:

  • You may get every natural hue that is suitable for a portrait with Magic Slider.

3: Improve Outdoor Photography:

  • You can make realistic sceneries using Luminar AI. You can actually feel the winds of the real world in your photographs because of Luminar AI’s high level of realism. However, the following Luminar AI technologies can help you improve your landscape photography:

AI structure:

  • Structure AI can help you add depth and clarity where it’s needed without oversaturating your images.

Sky AI:

  • You may quickly alter even the most minute aspects of your image by interacting with Sky in your photographs. The AI takes care of the color matching automatically based on the sky and your image.

Environment AI:

  • You may give your images genuine atmospheric effects like drizzle, fog, mist, haze, and steam. Masks and layers are no longer necessary to evoke a fantastic atmosphere.

Harmony of Colors:

  • You can do more with Luminar AI than just control vibrance and saturation. You may add the ideal finishing touch by having total control over the depth and balance of the color.

Extreme Contrast:

  • By properly altering the tone with the provided control encompassing highlights, shadows, and more, you may enhance the details in your photographs.


  • Use the new color scheme to bring the hues in your image to a whole new level. With Luminar AI, you can accomplish more than that.

Collaboration with Expertise:

  • To train the neural network of the app and create the greatest AI-based picture editor on the market, Skylum worked with the best and most renowned photographers in the world. Because using Luminar AI will make you feel as though professionals are handling your work for you.

5: AI Support:

  • The AI support in Luminar evaluates your image and recommends the best templates for it. Every template is editable, and using those templates will quickly produce the greatest outcomes. Even if you are starting from scratch and have no idea what you want to achieve, you can still use the templates option.

6: Total Command:

  • Even if AI is handling your chores, this does not imply that you lack any control. Because you can still fine-tune each and every step using Luminar AI’s sophisticated features. While the AI does its best to remove any drabness from your images, you still have full control over your tool.

New World of Opportunities:

  • You may now complete all chores associated with traditional picture editing in a matter of seconds thanks to Luminar AI. You can create anything with its limitless features and photo-editing expertise.

8: Power Complexity:

  • Luminar AI’s strength does not imply that it is only for professionals in the realm of photography. Given how easy it makes each step of the editing process is, even amateurs can edit photographs like experts.

System Requirements:

  • Given that Luminar AI is a cross-platform program, the following are the prerequisites for both OSes:
  • Use a system that supports the mouse or other input devices when using Windows systems.
  • Models like the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, and Mac mini are suggested for macOS (2010 or newer versions).
  • Both OS systems’ processors must be Corei5 or above (or later). Alternatively, use AMD RyzenTM 5 if you utilize AMD products (or later).
  • macOS must be running version 13 of the OS (or later). Use Windows 10 for Windows (64-Bit).
  • At least 8GB of RAM is required to run Luminar AI, however, Skylum suggests using 16GB.
  • Ten gigabytes of hard drive space are needed by Luminar AI, however, SSD is preferred by Skylum over HDD.
  • Use a monitor with a 1280 x 768 display (or better).
  • A graphics card with Open GL 3.3 or later is required.

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  1. Make that your system is configured with the most recent versions of the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages and the.NET Framework.
  2. Additionally, it has a fully offline mode that you can use.
  3. Install the program, then copy and paste the cracked DLL file into Windows C’s software installation folder.
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