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iPhone Backup Extractor Full Crack Download can transfer all iPhone data to the I Cloud and iTunes computer files. You can save images, text messages, videos, call history, notes, and contacts. It allows you to share pictures, news, and various other things. You can easily access your iTunes, or I Cloud backups. The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You can transfer images from your iPhone to your computer.

iPhone Backup Extractor Full Crack Download can transfer all iPhone data to the I Cloud and iTunes computer files. You can save images, text messages, videos, call history, notes, and contacts. It allows you to share pictures, news, and various other things. You can easily access your iTunes, or I Cloud backups. The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You can transfer images from your iPhone to your computer.

You can recover deleted, removed, lost, or corrupted data. It offers iPhone data recovery and forensics. You can also recover deleted or removed text messages. The iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key enables you to recover lost screen timer passcodes. iPhone Backup Extractor Full Torrent Download can recover your data automatically. It also aids in data transfer from one device to another.

Iphone Backup Extractor Crack Latest Version Download

It can also save data from your iCloud account to your PC. You can create a backup of your device at any time to recover it later. When you begin the backup process, it makes a complete list of the entire file and displays it to you. You can manually select which data to recover from the list. Furthermore, this tool is very convenient and straightforward to use.

The iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen tool allows users to get data for each app, including photos, videos, contact submissions, records, messages, location information, and recorded information.

  • Backups are encrypted.
  • Placement of data.
  • Updates will be posted here.
  • Change the settings on your iTunes backup.
  • Convert your backups to iTunes.
  • A Large Sample of Data
  • View the data as a list.
  • Drag and drop is all it takes to extract data.

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iPhone Backup Extractor 7.7.35 Crack Free Download [2022]

iPhone Backup Extractor Cracked Keygen is the most recent version of the iPhone Backup Extractor iPhone Backup Extractor. The user may examine email, contact information, troubleshooting data, and more with Keygen. This application can convert data from one format to another. This is excellent software that also aids in the recovery of iPhone data. It also aids in the retrieval of the following device data: iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key is a complete system used in conjunction with other software. In addition, if you have an iPhone, you may be asked a range of questions. That is what the data alternate determines. The software’s functions are exceedingly simple and basic to use. iPhone Backup Extractor Over 3 million users use the Activation Key application worldwide. The help key can inspect and restore the entire phone or PC. This is the most fantastic option for the best data backup renewal plans.

For both the iPhone and iPad services and products, iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen extracts I-Tunes or data files from the I-Cloud. If they lose or damage data files, they will be compensated. It gives you a lot of possibilities when it comes to your content. Plants, for instance, can be saved as V-Cards or CSV files. Data from SMS may be extracted from HTML or CSV documents.

iPhone Backup Extractor Crack For Mac/Windows, Download 2022:

The iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key program has detailed instructions for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6. Also included are the iPhone 6S, 5c, 5s, five 4s 4, iPad two, Air two, Air, Mini, and Mini 2, and the iPad two, Air two, Air, Mini, and Mini 2. It’s compatible with all iOS versions, including 9. Amazingly, you were able to retrieve your iPhone data. This program is used by only three million people throughout the world.

You may also use the iPhone Backup Extractor Serial Number to recover data from your iOS device that you’ve lost due to deleting, breaking, or losing an iOS device owing to a delayed iOS update. The most recent version of the iPhone backup extractor could be your only option. Because this retrieval program is more protected against bogus ICoud opening endeavors, using iPhone Backup Extractor Key Generator is undoubtedly safe. This software might be a virus and other forms of malware and adware that are available for free.

As a result, iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key Generator gives everyone else the chance to see what’s going on. iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen will work and provide options for various systems. And this software will almost probably be adequate for data recovery in the event of a crash.


iPhone Backup Extractor Offline Activation Key also aids in the recovery of essential data from a lost iPhone. The ability to restore data from safe I-tune copies has been added. It may also help you re-establish your equilibrium. It’s a benefit because it works with all Windows and Mac OS versions. If you own an iPhone, you are well aware of the iPhone’s operations. Although iPhone Backup Extractor Serial Key allows you to back up your data, it lacks many of your desired capabilities.

As a result, I advise you to select software that will aid you by delivering more functions than any other program. The iPhone Backup Extractor Offline Activation Key software contains several unique and original features, including extracting data files from newly made copies and converting them to CSV, ICAL, or even V-Card formats.

Even if the iPhone user wanted to back up his gadget, they could easily afford it. In addition, everything is dependent on luck. “I’m not sure how appreciative you are of your information. Furthermore, it is advantageous to recover everything that has been lost or stolen for whatever cause.

Activation of iPhone Backup Extractor The code’s operation is action-oriented and straightforward, allowing users to rapidly access the limits passcode or any other program information stored in I-Cloud or iTunes copies. Finally, iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key for Mac and Windows remains the best and most unequaled copy retrieval program available. Additionally, baldness can be caused by many reasons. Your i-OS update will fail if you forget the passcode and lose your i-OS device.

The following are the uses of iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen:

In any circumstance, the iPhone Backup Extractor License Key is functional. Consequently, you’ll be able to obtain your information as usual. If your i-OS device is still damaged, you can still recover its data. Connect the device to your computer using the programs on your desktop or laptop.

iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen will also provide you with various alternatives to pick from. As a consequence of the software’s ability to handle a wide range of data, you’ll receive contacts, SMS, program information, telephone logs, Whatsapp information, and other forms of data. As a consequence, it protects your computer data.

iPhone Backup Extractor Professional Code is an entirely safe application. As a result, you’ll never be able to get rid of your information. Furthermore, your computer data will soon be clear of viruses, adware, and bugs. This program is eagerly anticipated by people all across the world. This is also because it is an entirely secure program.

Iphone Backup Extractor Crack With License Code Free Download

The model is made more accessible by the port. You’ll also have the option of selecting the information you desire. You can even get a sneak peek at this data. You may choose the information you want using iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen. After that, you’ll select only the information you require. You’ll be able to save data in a concise amount of time. All of the program’s key functionalities are accessible through the port.

Features that set it apart:

  • Keygen for iPhone Backup Extractor You can restore lost iPhone photos and movies from iTunes backups using Crack.
  • Messages from iPhone SMS, iMessage, Kik, Hike, Viber, and WhatsApp may be recovered.
  • You may also use it to get photos and videos from your iCloud backup.
  • When you send text messages, it also displays a PDF, HTML, or CSV preview.
  • iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Code also allows you to recover a lost Screen Time passcode from an iPhone backup.
  • It can export CSV or vCard files from your iOS contacts.
  • It also allows you to recover your iPhone contacts in minutes.
  • It can recover app data from iTunes or iCloud backups.
  • Calendar entries, notes, recordings, voicemails, and other data may also be retrieved.
  • You can also recover your call history, location information, Safari bookmarks, and other data.
  • You may also recover data from other programs, such as game scores, photos, messages, chat history, etc.
  • WhatsApp, Viber, iCloud, Skype, and other applications are compatible with iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Code.
  • You may also delete, edit, or add files to your Backup for later use.
  • Access, transfer, and restore iPhone or iCloud data with unparalleled ease.
  • Free Download iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen With Activated Crack

Have you ever lost or deleted data from your iPhone?

The best undeletion available:

  • benchmarks show that we outperform pro solutions costing thousands of dollars.

Exports and previews that are beautiful and exact:

  • Message history, contacts, notes, calendars, and other data may be exported.

A 5-star rating on Trustpilot and unwavering support:

  • We care far too much to enlist the help of others.
  • Please get in touch with me if you’d want to do a screen sharing!
  • Exports that are compliant with the law
  • Our experts are forensically sound and rigorous. We’ve got you covered.

Corrupt backup assistance:

  • Have you been unsuccessful in retrieving a corrupted backup? We offer built-in aid for recovering from corruption.

Your information will not be kept or sold by us.

  • Controlled by the tightest data standards in the world and championed by select Apple geniuses

with excellent iCloud support:

  • Nobody cares as much about iCloud as we do. More features include 2FA, iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream, etc.

We have earned the trust of people all around the world.

  • Reincubate is a British firm with solid principles that heathen the Recognized rehabilitation for Score.
  • You can quickly recover your forgotten Screen Time passcode and parental control settings with a single click.

Photographs and videos:

  • Recover your iPhone photos and videos from iTunes backups if they’ve been destroyed or misplaced.
  • Repicturesographs and movies stored in your iCloud Backup may be easily recreated.
  • Using an iTunes or iCloud Backup, restore photos and videos from third-party iOS apps.

How to Recover Deleted Photos:

  • Activation of iPhone Backup Extractor The following seven strategies for recovering deleted photographs or movies from an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, are detailed in Code’s post.
  • You may save time by downloading and transferring photos.
  • If you have photographs or videos on your iPhone and want to copy them, or if you want to download your iCloud photos, this guide will help you.

Messaging and social media:

  • You can recover your iPhone’s SMS and iMessage.
  • If you erase Kik, Hike, Viber, or WhatsApp messages, you may retrieve them.
  • It is possible to retrieve unencrypted or encrypted iOS conversations (password protected). Backups made with iTunes
  • iCloud Backup SMS texts may be downloaded and recovered.

Message retrieval:

  • Have you ever pushed the delete button and then wished you hadn’t? This video will teach you how to recover deleted texts, iMessages, and attachments from your iPhone and how to add them back.

WhatsApp should be restored.

  • Here’s a link to our comprehensive tutorial on recovering deleted WhatsApp messages and transferring messages and attachments.

Screen Time’s password:

  • Recover a lost or forgotten Screen Time passcode from your iPhone or iPad backup.
  • Recover the passcode for your parental control system if you’ve forgotten it.
  • Recover the Screen Time passcode.
  • Recover your misplaced Screen Time limit passcode on iOS to avoid data loss.

Backup encryption is not a stumbling block:

  • We can help with passcode recovery and support all encrypted iTunes backup formats.
    The free version will be available for an indefinite time.
  • Up to four files can be viewed, evaluated, and exported simultaneously. Time is not a restriction for us!
  • Obtain information in easy-to-import files.

Export your contacts and calendar to easily readable formats to make import easier.

  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There’s no risk of giving us a go; we’ll swiftly refund your money if we can’t help you.

Information on the location.

  • With just one click, you may get location data from your backups, phone, and EXIF data.

Scheduled one-click updates should be made regularly.

  • Data formats evolve daily, but we stay on top of it: check out our release notes.

Make a new iTunes backup.

  • Do you need to repair your iPhone’s contents? You can change and restore your backup.
  • It is possible to convert iCloud backups to iTunes backups.
  • Do you want to utilize iTunes to download an iCloud backup? It’s not a problem.

The Apple Watch data is supported.

  • We place a particular emphasis on data from your Apple Watch, making it simple to manage.

You’ll find a lot of examples of data to help you with your research.

  • We provide you with an excellent sample backup so you can understand how we can help you straight away.

List viewer built-in.

  • Apple’s proprietary file formats may be viewed and edited without the need for extra software.

Extraction is as simple as dragging and dropping.

  • It’s as easy as dragging files out to restore your data using Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor Activation Key.

Get Your Data Back.

  • This program is helpful since it can recover photos, videos, social media apps such as WhatsApp, contacts and messages, screen time passcodes, etc.

It’s All at Your Fingertips When It Comes to Recovery.

  • Even if the Backuppisare is destroyed, it can recover all iTunes and iCloud backups.

Unrivaled accessibility assistance.

  • You can do it all with its extensive file recovery, transfer, and access functions. You may use it to view, transfer, and recover data from your iPhone or iCloud account.

Repairing an SQLite Database:

  • Your data is recovered utilizing the SQL database recovery technique by the iPhone backup extractor full crack.
  • Before recovering, make sure you export and preview your files correctly.
  • It helps you to present your files attractively so that everyone can view the actual files and data.

iCloud support is available.

  • The app will assist you since it has 2FA, iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream, and other features.

Platform-to-Platform Compatibility.

  • This helpful software works on a variety of platforms. It will work on any Mac (10.10 or later) or PC (Windows 7 SP1 or later).

How do you recover your iPhone call history?

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a solution to restore the call history from your iPhone. We’ll show you how to retrieve call history from any iTunes backup in this post. Call history data includes data from any “CallKit” compatible app; when you obtain this data, you’ll also see any calls you’ve made with FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or any other VoIP app, all neatly categorized. Congratulations!

  • When you connect your iPhone to iCloud over Wi-Fi or create an iTunes backup, the call history on your device is backed up.
  • If you only want to get your call history back, remember that restoring a full backup to your iPhone will delete any data added after the backup was made.

What is the source of the call history data?

iCloud and iTunes are the two ways to get your call history back, depending on how you backed up your phone.

If you don’t already have an iTunes backup, you can create one in a matter of minutes using your computer and Apple’s free iTunes. When you launch our app, it will instantly tell you whether you have an iTunes backup.

Alternatively, you may quickly generate an iCloud backup. To do so, go to Settings > iCloud Backup. If “iCloud Backup” is enabled, the date of your most recent backup is shown below. If you don’t want to replace your Backup,p don’t click the “Backup now” button.

If you have an iCloud backup, the iPhone backup extractor should be able to recover your call history. Check that your iPhone will not overwrite your most recent Backuppbefore proceeding. Make sure your phone is not charging or linked to a USB port for this. When the iPhone is Wi-Fi connected to the Internet, locked, or hooked to a power source, iCloud backups are typically performed automatically.

Once you’ve decided whether to restore your whole call history (including deleted calls!) from iTunes or iCloud, you may take the following steps to recover your call history:

Step 1:

  • Download and install the iPhone backup extractor.

Step 2:

  • If you’re recovering from iCloud, select the Add button (or “Click here to add an iCloud account”) on the app’s left-hand side, then input your iCloud credentials to add your iCloud account.
  • If you’re restoring from an iTunes backup, iPhone Backup Extractor will choose the blockages in iTunes’ default backup folder when you decide which ones to choose.
  • If your Backuppisn’t in the default folder (which should be if you haven’t moved it! ), you’ll need to add it by clicking the + button or the “Click here to learn more” link. This will take you through the procedure.

Step 3:

  • On the left side of the iPhone Backup Extractor Keygen program, choose your Backup and click “Extract Call History,” then select where you want to store the.csv file containing the call history. It will just take a few seconds to extract the data.

How to fix a corrupted iPhone backup and restore its data?

It’s challenging but not impossible to recover data from a damaged iTunes backup, and statements like “the backup is corrupt or not compatible with your iPhone that is being restored” don’t indicate your data is “irreversibly gone.” With iPhone Backup Extractor, you have an excellent possibility of automatically recovering corrupted backups.

How to Determine Whether Your iTunes Backup Is Corrupt

Installing the accessible version of the iPhone Backup Extractor and loading your Backuppinto is the simplest method. It will display the status of your Backup. Whether it reads “Complete and encrypted” or “Complete and unencrypted,” that’s a good indicator. Isn’t it weird that iPhone Backup Extractor doesn’t recognize the Backup?p If it doesn’t identify the Backup and doesn’t show any data that says the Backuppis incomplete or says the Backuppwas made way back in 1981, then there’s a problem with the Backup

  • Another red flag is attempting (and failing) to restore the Backuppvia iTunes.
  • Data recovery from an unencrypted, faulty iTunes backup is typically simple.

Faulty backups that have been encrypted are more challenging to decrypt, especially if the “manifest files” are missing. These files tell how the data in the Backuppwas encrypted and are needed to solve it.

Backups may be corrupted to varying degrees. For example, running out of disc space amid a jam, having a hard drive fail (or Dropbox devouring your data! ), a failed iOS update, or a power outage during the Backuppmay all hurt the Backup.

Checking the size of the folder is a proper technique to see whether there’s a reasonable quantity of data in a backup. This will be done automatically by the iPhone backup extractor. Photos shot with a modern iPhone are often a few gigabytes in size, and a regular backup may be more than 30GB.

Can I prevent iTunes from ruining my iOS Backup?

Given the many ways an iTunes backup might become damaged, preventing all occurrences of the issue is tricky. However, the following are recommended practices to avoid losing essential images or contacts. Always

  • create a duplicate of your iTunes backup before doing an upgrade.
  • Keep the Backuppin in a place other than the standard iTunes backup folder on your computer.
  • Don’t unplug the gadget while iTunes is backing it up!
  • When a backup is corrupt, you may encounter some problems. Let’s take a look at each one’s cause and remedy.
  • Errors in iTunes restoration that suggest corruption
  • Because the Backuppwas corrupted or was incompatible with the iPhone being restored, iTunes was unable to fix the iPhone.

This first notification is fundamental and informs you that you have a corrupt backup. When iTunes is backing up your iOS, it is possible that the operation may fail without any error message every now and then. It might be aggravating to discover that you have a corrupt backup only while attempting to restore it using iTunes. It’s not difficult to recover your data; see our instructions on recovering data from a faulty iPhone backup below. corrupt

? Or maybe not…

  • However, your Backuppmaywas note is corrupt: the identical warning notice appears when your iTunes backup is inconsistent with the restored device. You can’t, for example, restore an earlier iOS backup to a newer iOS device.

If you want to “upgrade” your Backup, you must perform the following:

  • Restore it to a device running the version of iOS with which it was generated (you can see which version of iOS was created by Backuppby using the free edition of iPhone Backup Extractor).
  • Improve that gadget.

Back up the device once again, making a fresh and improved backup.

  • Of course, you may not have a spare smartphone that is running an earlier version of iOS. Our support staff can assist you, or you may help yourself by following the steps below.

iTunes could not restore the [iPhone] because the backup session had failed.

  • This issue, like the first, indicates that you are dealing with a corrupted or incomplete iTunes backup. The reason is similar. See the section below for information on restoring data from faulty backups.

iTunes was unable to restore it because it could not recognize your device.

  • Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor Offline Activation third notice wants you to make sure that you have the most recent version of iTunes, that your USB connection is working correctly, and that no other software is interfering with iTunes.
  • If none of the above works, this problem is generally remedied by booting into recovery mode. Recovery mode will delete and restore your device. If you previously synced with iTunes or iCloud, you will be able to restore from Backuppafterafter recovery.
  • The worst-case scenario is that there is a fundamental issue with the iOS device to which you are connecting. If you have a spare gadget, give it a go. If that fails, we can assist you in recovering data from a faulty iTunes backup. Continue reading!

The iPhone was unable to be restored. An unidentified error occurred.

  • This mistake is a catch-all for a variety of issues. There are many options available depending on the underlying cause:
  • Using the most recent version of iTunes (rather than a beta version!) is a brilliant place to start; update if you haven’t already.
  • A reboot may assist Windows users (if you follow the steps above and update iTunes, you’ll need to reboot anyway).
  • Resetting the phone to factory settings and restoring it in DFU mode
  • Apple has released a brief page with some recommendations for this problem.
  • If you can’t get your data back from a corrupt iTunes backup, please see our advice on how to get your data back from a corrupt iTunes backup below. A software update is required to connect to an iPhone.

This notice indicates that you need an update to connect to the iPhone, but it’s unclear if the update is for your PC, Mac, or iPhone. It’s the computer that’s being alluded to.

Users will often get this if they use a beta version of iOS but not the comparable iTunes beta. In such a situation, clicking the “Install” option will not operate. It’ll indicate it’s downloading an update for a while before failing with the message “The installation was unsuccessful.” I can install the software because it is not currently available from the software update server. ” The answer is to download and install the most recent beta version of iTunes.

Four tricks to repair a corrupted iPhone backup and retrieve your data: The iPhone

Backup Extractor is intended to assist you in obtaining your data when a backup cannot be correctly restored using iTunes. iTunes and iCloud backups can be opened with this app. It can get valuable data from them even if the Backuppisn’t working.

1. Make use of the iPhone Backup Extractor’s built-in corruption detection.

Even the accessible version of the iPhone backup extractor has a lot of smarts built in to handle faulty backups, and it may be able to recover your data correctly.

“Overview” has a lot of links that can help you get your data back. You can also follow our usual steps for getting your iTunes data back.

If the overview does not provide the results you need, you have two more options.

Check the “Preview” tab to see whether the data is ready to be extracted. If there is data, you may click the app’s name, choose the messages you want, and export them in the format you like. As seen below,

“Extract” can be used to export messages that can be read as HTML or CSV.

Even if the techniques outlined above do not work, data like contacts, messages, and images may still be recovered from the damaged Backup. Please don’t lose hope; let’s go deeper…

2. Recover iPhone data from individual files by using “expert mode.”

If the direct route does not work for you, you may still restore your data from the Backuppusing “Expert mode” and “App view.” Contacts, calendars, SMS messages, geolocation, and notes are kept in separate files in your Backup. The iPhone Backup Extractor will convert these into usable forms if you find them.

Load your Backuppvia iPhone Backup Extractor, and then use “Expert mode” to choose the files containing the data you want. We have an article about where programs save their data in an iTunes backup that will be useful in determining where to search.

Using iPhone Backup Extractor to extract the WhatsApp database manually

An alternative strategy for unencrypted backups

  • If your Backuppis unencrypted, you may retrieve the files immediately in your iTunes backup folder by comparing their filenames to our recommendations. Then, follow the steps below to use iPhone Backup Extractor to get the needed files.

Once you’ve obtained the required file, you may convert it to a readable format:

  • In the iPhone backup extractor, go to the “File” menu.
  • Choose “Convert Messages DB to CSV,” “Convert Contacts DB to vCards,” or whichever choice is best for your file.
  • To convert, use the file menu.
  • Your contacts and the app will export your contacts and message success!

What else might these extracted files be used for?

They may also be used to repair a previous iTunes backup. To import them into another iTunes backup, go back to “Expert mode” and choose “Replace the file in the other backup.” Then you may restore it. First, create a new backup!

Also, for those who are interested, these files are generally SQLite databases, and we have a tutorial on how to extract data from SQLite manually.

Examine unencrypted iPhone backups for photos and videos.

Even if the iTunes procedure was completed and resulted in a faulty backup file, you may still locate photographs and videos in your iTunes backup. People who want the Backuppto to work this way need to ensure that it wasn’t encrypted when the file was created.

Consider the following:

  • Locate the relevant backup folder (you can right-click on the Backuppin iPhone Backup Extractor and choose “reveal enclosing folder”).
  • Duplicate the whole folder since we’ll be substantially modifying it.
  • Sort the files within by size and delete those that are less than 300KB.
  • Download and install Bulk Rename Utility – it’s free and perfect for what we’re looking for.
  • Navigate to the backup folder’s copy in “Bulk Rename Utility,” then pick it.
  • Using the Add > Suffix (7) menu, add jpg (without the dot) to Extension Section (11) or.jpg (with the drop).
  • Please select all of the files in the top window (they will be highlighted in green).
  • When you click the “Rename” button, all of the chosen files will be renamed to jpg files.

Use the Bulk Rename Utility to select

“Thumbnails View” in Windows Explorer or macOS Finder in the folder where you stored them – now you should be able to see which files are images since they’ll be shown with previews.

Move the recovered photographs to a secure new folder, then repeat step #5 with additional file extensions like.mov and. heic until you’ve recovered all of them.

Enlist the help of Reincubate’s professionals.

If none of the options above work for you, or if they become too technical, you may always contact us. We’d be delighted to assist. Our support staff will most likely request a copy of your “manifest files,” We’ve included further information about them in the info box below.

What exactly are manifest files, and why do I need them?

Manifest files in iTunes backups are best defined as a directory that informs iTunes about the contents of the Backup File names and locations and some checksum information, which is included in the manifests in a certain way.

Our program uses these ” maps ” to figure out where everything is in the Backup. If you go into the backup folder and scroll down, you can check if it still includes manifest files.

The manifests also include critical information regarding keychains and encryption, so if they are destroyed or removed, iTunes will have difficulty recovering the Backup. Distributing them poses no immediate security risk because they do not include your data or password. Rather than having information obtained from how the Backuppwas encrypted and the information required to decode it.

The manifests are labeled as follows:

  • Manifest. DB
  • Manifest. list
  • Info. list
  • Status. list

How to decrypt an encrypted iPhone backup?

Using our Backup Extractor for iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can quickly recover data from an encrypted iTunes backup. You need to know the password you used for encryption.

If you encrypt an iPhone/iPod/iPad backup and forget your password, you won’t be able to restore or read the Backup, and your data will be unrecoverable. Make it a password you’ll remember, or write it down for safety. We have a tutorial on how to retrieve lost backup passwords.

How to read an iTunes encrypted iPhone backup?

How to decrypt an encrypted iTunes backup?

With our program, iPhone Backup Extractor, you can easily extract any data from an encrypted iTunes or iOS Backup.

To decrypt your encrypted iTunes backup, follow these steps:

  • Install the iPhone backup extractor.
  • Download and install the iPhone backup extractor from our website. We have two versions available for download: one for Windows and one for macOS, both of which are compatible with the most recent versions of iOS.
  • Download and run the iPhone backup extractor.
  • Load your encrypted iTunes/iOS Backup into the program. Start the
  • iPhone Backup Extractor and wait for your PC backups to be imported. The iPhone Backup Extractor instantly loads backups from your computer’s backup default folder.
  • Please enter the password for your encrypted Backuppto unlock it. Only if you remember your password will the iPhone Backup Extractor operate. Otherwise, if the password is wrong, the Backuppwill not be opened.
  • Decrypting a password-protected iTunes backup Backup Extractor for the iPhone
  • If the backup file is in a different folder, go through the directories and choose the backup file location. If you have a lot of backups on your computer, select the encrypted backup from which you want to get the data you want.
  • Save your information.
  • Extract data from backups by clicking on each category of data, using the “File” and “Extract” menus, or viewing the files in “Expert Mode.”
  • Take a look at your encrypted iTunes iOS backup.

How to unencrypt an iPhone backup in iTunes?

If you need to recover specific files from your Backuppand have just downloaded the iPhone Backup Extractor, you may find that it prompts you for a password before reading any of your encrypted backups. When you last backed up or synced your iOS device with iTunes, you checked the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box in the iTunes settings.

Follow the steps below to convert your Backuppto an encrypted backup:

  • Encryption should be turned off while synchronizing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • In iTunes, choose your iOS device.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen after selecting the “Summary” screen (tab).
  • Then, uncheck “Encrypt iPhone backup” (the same for iPad or iPod).
  • When iTunes prompts you to “Enter the password to access your iPhone backup,” enter the password you created before.
  • Synchronize your device now to produce an unencrypted backup.

Decrypting an iTunes backup:

  • After you remove the data, you can do the same thing again to encrypt your backup and protect it again.
  • iTunes’ encrypted backup procedure

When you create a backup, iTunes names the backup files using hex-encoded SHA1 hash filenames mentioned in the Backup’s” manifest.”

Knowing what files are included inside your iOS device’s iTunes backup might be beneficial if your backup or manifest files get damaged. You can still recover faulty backup files using an iPhone Backup Extractor, which opens encoded files and extracts usable data.

You may activate data protection in iTunes by clicking on “Encrypt Backup” if you wish to secure your files by encrypting backups. The option to establish a password for all backups generated on the machine will be presented by iTunes subsequently. You’ll be prompted for this password every time you try to restore it, so keep it in mind or save it somewhere secure.

What if you need data from your iOS device, but iTunes has encrypted your backups? If the files are still on your device, you may simply decrypt them in iTunes (by creating a new, unprotected backup). When you’re done, click the “Encrypt iPhone backup” button again, and iTunes will re-encrypt the backup for you. However, there should be no need to do so.

To simplify, have that demonstrates how to retrieve iPhone data from an encrypted backup. When we reach the to make things simpler extraction step, we’ll take out contacts, but it also works for iMessage, SMS, calendars, pictures, videos, notes, and app data.

Two fast and simple ways to recover lost contacts from iCloud

How to quickly recover lost contacts from iCloud?

Have you misplaced some of your iPhone contacts? Don’t worry, and we’ll teach you two simple methods to retrieve them from iCloud in no time!

What you’ll discover

  • There are two quick ways to retrieve your misplaced contacts from iCloud.
  • Bonus: How to Recover Contacts from Your iCloud Backup
  • The top four causes of iPhone contact loss are
  • How to Prevent the Loss of iPhone Contacts

Here are the two fastest available options to recover your contacts from iCloud:

Merge iCloud contacts (if the “Contacts” option is enabled)

Export contacts from iCloud (if the “Contacts” option is disabled but you have already synced your contacts to iCloud)

If none of these simple fixes work, please read our tutorial on recovering lost contacts from an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup.

1. Combine all of your iCloud contacts.

If you enabled iCloud contacts sync, you’re likely to have lost the contacts on your iCloud account as well. Log in to icloud.com using your Apple ID, click on “Contacts,” and then see whether the missing communication is still there. If it is, you can simply restore that deleted contact:

  • Navigate to iCloud Settings.
  • “Contacts” should be turned off.
  • When the popup message displays, tap “Keep on My iPhone.”
  • Re-enable “Contacts” and choose “Merge.”
  • After some time, you should be able to view the deleted contact on your iPhone again.

Keep in mind that it may take some time for all of your contacts to be recovered. If this approach does not work, you may try extracting the. Cf file as described below or using the iPhone Backup Extractor.

Don’t lock your iPhone and put it into a charger while it’s connected to Wi-Fi: this will sync iCloud with your iPhone and wipe your iCloud contacts!

2. Export iCloud Contacts

If you have turned off the “Contacts” option but have already synced your contacts to iCloud, you may export the deleted contacts from iCloud to your PC and then import them back to your iPhone.

Here are the actions to take:

  • Check your iCloud account to ensure that your contact information is updated.
  • Log in to icloud.com.
  • Select “Contacts” from the menu.
  • In “Settings,” click the cog symbol in the bottom left corner and choose “Export vCard….”
  • Save this file to your computer’s desktop.
  • Send yourself an email with the—VCF file.
  • Open the email on your iPhone and tap on the attachment.
  • Select the “Add Contacts” option.
  • You’ll be asked if you want to generate new contacts or combine them with those already on your list.

How to avoid losing iPhone contacts?

The top four causes of iPhone contact loss are failure

to upgrade or downgrade iOS, such as from iOS 10 to iOS 11, or vice versa.

Jailbreaking your iPhone may result in the loss of vital data while eliminating software limitations enforced by iOS.

iPhone reset:

You should only reset your iPhone to factory settings as a last resort, since this may result in data loss. If you want to do so, create a backup of your data beforehand.

You misplaced or shattered your iPhone.

You’ll probably want to take the following precautions to ensure that this does not happen again:

The most straightforward approach to avoiding losing contacts is to regularly back up your data. You can do this using either iCloud or iTunes: Apple iCloud offers to save a backup of the iPhone data on Apple’s servers, while iTunes allows you to backup iPhone data directly on your PC or Mac.

You may also export contact lists. Files regularly and send them to yourself. They’ll be safe and sound in your inbox.

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