ATNSOFT Key Remapper 1.14.480 Crack Plus Activation Key Free Download

ATNSOFT Key Remapper 1.14.480 Crack Download

ATNSOFT Key Remapper Crack You may block and remap mouse actions to other mouse buttons, and other keys, rotate the mouse wheel, and do combinations of the aforementioned activities using the ATNSOFT Key Remapper Crack. Additionally, it enables you to define the necessary gap between key presses and simulates two mouse button clicks or two key presses. Operations like remapping and blocking can be limited to particular windows or apps. The software does not alter the registry-stored scan codes.

ATNSOFT Key Remapper Patch Set the cursor to the input field under “Replace with the following key or key combination:” if you wish to define a new value for the key. press the primary key while holding down the Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or Win modifiers, and then press the necessary key, mouse button, or key combination. Alternatively, if the necessary keys are missing from the keyboard, you can define them by choosing the primary key from the list. Download ATNSOFT Key Remapper Check the boxes next to the modifiers if you want to define them.

You can keep replacements and blocks in folders by pressing Ctrl + Insert or selecting “Insert Folder” from the context menu in ATNSOFT Key Remapper Serial Number. You may also drag actions and folders with your mouse to move them. The action or folder will be copied if you start dragging while pressing the Ctrl key. Additionally supported are standard operations like cut, copy, paste, and delete. Use the space bar or the “Disable…” option in the context menu to momentarily disable a particular replacement or block (or even an entire folder of operations).

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ATNSOFT Key Remapper Crack Full Version Free Download 2022:

ATNSOFT Key Remapper Torrent You can restrict and prohibit the ability to remap and open particular windows and programs with Free Key Remapper. For instance, the user could change the X1 button in Program A to a space using Free Key Remapper Crack. Additionally, you may instantly switch and create a keyset (two clicks). Additionally, as the software doesn’t alter the registry scancode, the mapping modifications can be applied without having to reboot the system.

ATNSOFT Key Remapper Setup Critical remapping registration key for remappers. Using a remapper like Key Remapper has the desirable benefit of removing the need to save the reassignments to your PC. In this manner, whenever feasible, you may simply go back to your default settings. However, at some point, you will run into keyboard issues. The game won’t function if keys cease working or if you can’t modify your crucial controls. It is not always required to replace a broken one with a new one in such circumstances.

ATNSOFT Key Remapper Crack + License Key Free Download 2022:

Actions may only be enabled in specific program windows or applications. You can accomplish this by manually looking for the required EXE file or by choosing from a list of active processes. In order to make the remapping rules apply everywhere but in the apps you specify, you may also define exceptions. The ATNSOFT Key Remapper Free License 2022 may also add new keys and mouse buttons while altering the values of existing keys, mouse button presses, and mouse wheel rotations.

ATSONFT Key Remapper Activation Code, For instance, swap CapsLock for “Middle mouse button,” “Mouse wheel down,” “Win, Browser Home,” or “Mouse button X2” (which can be physically missing on your input devices). In order to change the mapping, the software does not update the scan codes in the registry or call for a system reboot. With ATNSOFT Key Remapper Crack 2022, you are not required to save these changes on your computer system.


ATNSOFT Key Remapper 1.14.480 Crack + Torrent Download


ATNSOFT Key Remapper 1.14.480 Crack Full Version Download

Key Features:

  • Change the values of the keys, mouse buttons, and mouse wheel pushes, even those that don’t exist.
  • For instance, you may use “Middle Mouse Button,” “Mouse Wheel Down,” “F12 – Win,” “Browser Home,” or “Mouse Button X2” in place of Capslock (which may be physically missing from your input devices).
  • You can test out Key Manager, one of our most useful programs. You can remap keystroke combinations, mouse button combinations, long presses, and sequences (press and hold).
  • You can record, edit, and use macros, simulate mouse clicks, type and paste the text, and display your actions as pop-up menus that can be opened with hotkeys.
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  • Reverse remap the mouse and keyboard buttons, or modify their virtual functions. For instance, you can virtually switch the middle mouse button, the left shift key, the right shift, and enter keys.
  • Use modifiers to replace specified keys or mouse buttons with key or mouse button combinations. For instance, you can switch the browser forward key (often found on multimedia keyboards) for the Alt+Shift+Esc (fast switch between programs) combination, the X1 mouse button for the Ctrl+C (copy) combination, and the Alt+Ctrl+” left mouse button” combination.
  • Setting the necessary gap between presses, simulate pressing the mouse button and key twice (double click with delay).
  • Block (turn off) the mouse wheel, the mouse buttons, and their different modifier combinations.
  • Control and prohibit remapping to particular applications and windows. For instance, you can set the software up so that only Program A can replace the X1 mouse button. Another illustration might be: Except for windows with “B” in the title, allow Ctrl+C+C (press the “C” key twice) to substitute NumLock everywhere else.
  • Create new key sets and swiftly switch between them (two clicks).

What’s New?

  • Any key on your keyboard can be remapped, and you can modify the function of any mouse button or mouse wheel.
  • Key Remapper by Atnsoft Free combination uses the Ctrl + (copy) and Ctrl + (left mouse button) keys to quickly move between programs.
  • In addition to regular keys, some modern keyboards offer a few multimedia playback buttons.
  • provides a list of key or mouse button combinations that can be used to replace a particular key or mouse button.
  • specifies which windows and applications to move around and block.
  • You can disable keys by dragging them out of the window on user interfaces that support drag and drop.
  • Additionally, it enables you to remap conventional keys, mouse buttons, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • The keyboard layout can be modified.
  • The Medium, Pro, and 2000 editions of Atnsoft Key Remapper Portable let you map different characters to keyboard buttons.
  • They are numerous.


  • enables you to switch keyboards and mouse off and on.
  • allowing you to simulate using two mice at once without having to restart
  • as well as erasing registry data.


  • Drag and drop are not supported by Key Remapper Free.
  • There is no revert button present.

System Requirements:

  • Supported versions of Windows include XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10.
  • It needs at least 512 MB of RAM.
  • There must be 500 MB of free space on the hard drive.
  • Intel Pentium 4 or later must be used as the processor.

How To Crack?

  1. IObit Uninstaller Pro Serial should be used to first remove the previous version of the program.
  2. Then, download IDM Activation and Key Remapper together.
  3. It is essential to turn off this function.
  4. The WinRAR Licence Key must now be used to extract the RAR file.
  5. The installation will not begin automatically after it is finished.
  6. The file must be copied to the c directory.
  7. The installation can now begin.
  8. There is nothing left to do.
  9. Enjoy it right now.